Complex Juourney of Scotch Tape 

What kind of complicated journey has been experienced ,The tape have the appearance of our normal use?    

Next, let's at this detailed detail and process. Next, let's learn about the details and process together.

1. The whole process of the production of transparent tape is from the raw material of plastic particles to the film blowing machine, and blown into a plastic film, the width is generally about 1.3m. According to the use of custom tape, then select different plastic particles and add some special additives.

  2. After the film is blown, the film is applied to the coating machine to apply glue. In fact, this process is mainly based on the viscosity and use of the scotch tape to select the glue. After the coating, it is a transparent tape. The large-volume plastic film with a width of 0.96m and a length of several kilometers is not separated.

  3、Then this film is the need for large volumes by a transparent adhesive tape wound into a small re-winder roll, which can be carried out according to the length of the rewinding we usually use transparent tape required.

4、Then use the slitter to cut the width of the custom tape used in the usual time, such as 45mm width or other width. The most important part of the production of scotch tape is the blown film and coating. The process. Because these two processes come out as semi-finished products, and the subsequent rewinding. The effect of slitting on the tape is relatively small.